Conceived, designed and written by Fran Iglesias

Milhojas application and CMS is built on top of the following technologies, frameworks and libraries:


The rapid development framework by The Cake Software Foundation

Foundation Framework

Foundation, The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework from ZURB


The write less, do more, javascript library jQuery

Tiny MCE

The WYSIWYG editor for websites Tiny MCE


A lightweigth HTML text editor by Fatih Koca

Google Apps Federated Login

GoogleOpenID class by Andrew Peace

File Uploader

Adapted from Ajax File Uploader by Andrew Valums

Get ID 3

Media meta-data provided by Get Id 3 class by James Heinrich

Iconic Web Font

Created by P.J. Onori from Some Random Dude

Code snippets contributions

Print and close JS code by Dicky Leonardo

Pass controller data to Javascript by Abbas Ali from Sanisoft

Validation via Ajax in Autosave with ideas and code from Yasuhiro Sota.